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What is Breeding Bird Atlas?

 The national breeding bird distribution census was operated by the Ministry of Environment (MoE) of Japan in 1970's and 1990's. The two previous censuses revealed a changing trend of national bird distribution. The result has been fundamental in evaluating Japan’s biodiversity as well as revising the Red List of Japan's bird species. Circumstances surrounding birds continue to change, however.

 In recent years, decline of bush birds where deer thrives, expansion of invasive bird species distribution, breeding change due to global warming, and other disturbances are observed, and there may be other unknowns that cause the number of birds to drop. Now, we need a third national investigation of birds. Unfortunately, the budget for the next study has not been reached.

 Therefore, in order to achieve the correspondence study with NGO, MoE, academics, and others, the Bird Atlas has been established. Studying birds at 2,300 sites nationwide and studying large scale distribution, the project cannot be completed without everyone’s involvement and support. Let us draw today’s Japanese birds!